Greenlandic /Danish painter Ina Rosing is based in Copenhagen, but central to her work, is the vast Greenlandic nature.
Ina Rosing has travelled Greenlands most deserted areas with different scientific expeditions exploring for minerals as well as historic knowlegde.
She makes reference to our common human history; the fire, the hunt, the tent, as well as the natural science. The unspoiled as a contrast to modern human life.
She unfolds stories of passion, violence and beauty at the surface of the canvas. Emotions that are temporary and fragile like tiny waves on a deep ocean.
Behind it all the Mountains, the Oceans and the Sky tells a story of eternity.
Her paintings are, at the same time expressive and balanced.
They are landscape paintings in the classical sense where the landscape represent a longing, but they are marked with traces, scratches, unreadable words, splashes of paint, collage and drawings.